Ricardo Anaya rejects the plurinominal deputation of the PAN; will seek the presidency in 2024

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Ricardo Anaya He rejected the National Action Party’s invitation to a multi-member council for the next elections on June 6.

“I appreciate the invitation to be a multi-member deputy, but I think my role should be different to help. I will support this year’s campaigns and I want to travel all over Mexico again to listen to the people and focus on the 2024 presidential election. Better times will come! ”Said the former presidential candidate.

According to Anaya, the presidential elections of 2024 will be “crucial” and that is where he will focus his attention, for which he will tour the country.

Ricardo Anaya competed in the 2018 elections for the presidency of the Republic in a coalition of National Action with the PRD and the Citizen Movement. With 12.6 million votes, it had the smallest vote for the right-wing party in two decades.

Despite these results, the PAN has in mind the 2024 elections as his next opportunity to run for the presidency of Mexico. In fact, according to his statement, he has already started his tour throughout the country. In a first stage, he will be visiting 1,000 municipalities, attending, according to him, the corresponding sanitary measures.

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“I want to dedicate myself full time to tour our entire country again, not to be in a tribune or in an office”, were the words with which Ricardo Anaya rejected the invitation to represent the PAN as a candidate for multi-member federal deputy in the next few elections.

However, he emphasized that he will support the members of the party to which he belongs. “A real counterweight is urgently needed in Congress,” he declared, to face the proposals of the National Regeneration Movement party (Morena), to which the current Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, belongs.

Ricardo Anaya also launched himself against the president’s party, assuring that “Another 6 years with a Morena government would end up destroying Mexico […] We can not allow that”.

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