U.S. President Joe Biden on Tuesday took a mass bath just hours after launching his campaign for re-election in 2024 and was greeted with a smile by cheers from a group of union members, who even heckled him as he chanted “Four more years, four more years!”

“It’s time to finish the job we’ve started!” cried Biden during a speech before the North American Labor Building Trades Union (NATBU) and in which the audience erupted in cheers, asking the president for four more years in the White House.

Biden looked comfortable and smiling in what is his natural environment: an auditorium full of union members who chanted “Joe, Joe” and “Come on, Joe!” as he took the stage.

“The factories have come alive. People can pay for decent health care. Cities that had been forgotten and left for dead are now coming back to life, thanks to all of you and what we are doing. Now we just have to keep going. Finish the job!” he encouraged.

Biden repeated over and over the phrase “finish the job,” which he has used to headline the three-minute video in which he officially announced this morning that he will run for re-election in the 2024 election.

However, despite the electoral tinge of the speech, he avoided referring specifically to his 2024 campaign due to laws that separate political campaigns from specific executive activities.

Biden used his speech to review some of the achievements of his term, including investments in infrastructure and in the fight against climate change, and promised that he will continue to fight for what he has not yet been able to pass.

For example, he reiterated his proposals to end subsidies to energy and pharmaceutical companies, as well as to raise taxes on America’s billionaires.

“No billionaire should pay lower taxes than a construction worker, a teacher, a firefighter, a policeman or a nurse – no way, that’s just wrong!” argued Biden, who caused the audience to rise to their feet to applaud him.

One of the big promises of Biden’s re-election campaign is to continue defending the working class, which he considers the “backbone” of the country, and for which he has governed in the last two years with policies aimed at favoring job creation, investing in social programs and reducing the price of drugs.

Biden also went on the offensive and made it clear that the progress that has been made in recent years is endangered by the ideas of the “MAGA Republicans” acronym for “Make America Great Again”, the campaign slogan and of Donald Trump’s Presidency (2017-2021).

In 2024, Biden could once again face Trump, who has already announced his intention to compete for the Republican nomination in the primary process of that party, despite the fact that he is involved in several legal disputes and has already been formally charged in a criminal case in New York.

Biden chose this Tuesday, April 25, to make his re-election campaign official because today marks four years since he launched the electoral campaign that led him to the White House after defeating Trump.

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