Pelosi affirms that several Congressmen

Pelosi affirms that several Congressmen “helped” the Robbers of the Capitol and “Made them feel Comfortable”

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The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said Thursday that members of the United States Congress “provided help” to supporters of former President Donald Trump who stormed the Capitol on January 6 and made them “feel comfortable.”Pelosi has specified that the role played by the members of Congress to whom she has referred, without naming names, was specified in supporting Trump’s false claims about the elections.

Likewise, it has indicated that it is necessary to know if the legislators who allegedly helped and encouraged the assault on the building, which houses the two houses of the United States Congress, instigated the incident in a way that requires a judicial process.

“I am very satisfied that we are going to carry out an a posteriori analysis that will evaluate many aspects, if people helped and were complicit, there will be more than comments from their colleagues here, there will be prosecution if they helped and were complicit in an insurrection in which people died,” she said at a press conference, as reported by the CNN television network.

The assault on the Capitol, which took place when Congress certified the victory of President Joe Biden in the November 3 elections, left five dead. It has also led the chamber chaired by Pelosi to initiate a new impeachment trial against Trump for “incitement to insurrection.”

In this sense, it has not specified the exact date on which the House of Representatives will send the pertinent documentation to the Senate or when the impeachment will take place. “In the next few days”, she has qualified, without providing more details and underlining her refusal to advance when the process will begin.

“We have to wait for the Senate to resume its sessions. They have informed us (from the Upper House) that they are ready to receive them, the matter is for other questions about how the trial will develop, but we are prepared,” she added.

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