Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp

Just a few days ago, Amber Heard’s lawyer revealed that she could not pay Johnny Depp 10.35 million in damages. Any attempts to reduce the sum failed. Objections and appeals were unsuccessful and even questionable statements on her part that she would still love Johnny Depp did not move anything in the process and the mudslinging of the Hollywood ex-couple.

Defamation Lawsuit

As if that wasn’t bad enough and the actress already has her back against the wall, she’s moving on. She recently spoke publicly about her ex-husband again. She should still be aware of the consequences of the last defamation process.

Despite her predicament, the 36-year-old has started railing against the actor again. During an NBC interview, she again accused the actor of abusing her in front of an audience of millions: “Johnny Depp abused me physically and mentally. No other woman got in touch because look what happened to me when I got in touch with you?”

She still won’t let go of him and is now even planning to write a book about the matter. That could be a legal problem. US attorney Floyd Adams from “Law & Crime” sees the offense of defamation fulfilled.

In his view, Johnny Depp could sue his ex-wife again. The Depp team has also reported. They explain that Johnny Depp is just getting on with his life. It is clear that Amber Heard is also recommended to close the deal.

US attorney sees offense as defamation

“Everything seems slanderous. Any time she says or implies clearly enough that he has committed any wrongdoing, let alone beat someone up, that is surely libelous. If he were to sue, I think he would have a very, very good chance. From my point of view, Johnny Depp has a few alternatives. Probably the wisest thing to do is to do nothing.”

Statement of Johnny Depp’s Team

Johnny Depp’s team made the following statement while Depp himself is now on tour: “It is unfortunate that while Johnny seeks to get on with his life, the defendant and her team are yet again repeating, reinventing and renegotiating matters long since decided by the court, and a verdict clearly returned by a jury in Johnny’s favour.”

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