New York experiences changes in the taste of its drinking water

New York experiences changes in the taste of its drinking water

Residents of some parts of the city may experience changes in the taste of the drinking water that reaches their homes.

However, representatives of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP, for its acronym in English) assure that the water consumption is safe.

The earthy taste that can be detected in the water is due to the growth of small particles created as aquatic plants and microorganisms that formed, during the summer, in the waters of the New Croton reservoir. 

Although in the past DEP managed to prevent this water from reaching the homes of New Yorkers, the rehabilitation projects that are underway in two of the largest local aqueducts did not allow anything to be done about it.

The Environmental Protection entity tests drinking water about 200 times a day to ensure that it is 100% suitable for human consumption.

Agency representatives recommend putting the water in the fridge or adding a few drops of lemon to neutralize the flavor.

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