New York: Driver escapes the Police and destroys everything in his Path

New York: Driver escapes the Police and destroys everything in his Path

A driver aboard a car staged a police chase with New York police officers and left at least 14 people injured. He collided with seven other vehicles while trying to flee from the police, in the New York neighborhood of El Bronx.

According to information from the New York Post and according to a video recorded by an Instagram user, the cops tried to arrest the offending driver for smoking marijuana on Fordham Road, around 5 in the afternoon (yesterday, Wednesday, August 4).

The images show officers trying to stop a green car moving in the opposite direction. However, the pilot, in his attempt to get away, collided with other vehicles in traffic.

The policemen, with weapons in hand, chased the driver on foot for several meters and they tried to open the car door but to no avail.

In that course, the offending driver made a reverse maneuver and again collided with several units. Then, he climbed onto the sidewalk to continue his escape.

Minutes later, according to the aforementioned media, the car was found abandoned a few blocks from the Hughes and Crescent avenues. On the side, the uniformed men looked for the person involved.

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