House impeachment prosecutor Rep. Joe Neguse outlined three terms former President Trump used repeatedly in the days leading up to the Capitol riots, arguing that the phrases served as a call to action for his supporters. .

Neguse said Trump used similar language not only in his speech to a crowd of supporters on the day of the attack, but during the weeks leading up to the riot.

And as you evaluate the facts we present to you, it will become clear to you exactly where that mob came from. Because here’s the thing: President Trump’s words, as you will see on January 6, in that speech, as well as the actions of the mob, were carefully chosen; those words had a very specific meaning for that crowd, “he said at the trial. And how do we know this? Because in the weeks before, during and after the elections, he used the same words over and over again. You will hear these three things over and over, ”he said.

The terms are:

  • “The Big Lie”, which Neguse described as Trump’s false claim that the election was rigged.
  • “Stop the Steal,” which Neguse said urged Trump supporters not to acknowledge defeat.
  • ‘Fight like Hell to Stop the Steal’, which Neguse described as a ‘call to arms’

“I respectfully ask you to remember those three sentences as you consider the evidence today,” Neguse told senators.

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