Minister Guzmán and the head of the Anses, Fernanda Raverta, announced the expansion of the port of Mar del Plata

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Minister Guzmán, on the arrival of one of the destinations of his tour through different locations

As part of his tour of political positioning and exposure of official economic policy, the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, accompanied by the director of the National Social Security Administration, Fernanda Raverta, announced today in Mar del Plata that the national government will build a new breakwater in the fishing sector of the port of Mar del Plata, one of the most important for fishing in the Argentine Sea.

The investment will exceed USD 20 million and the official intention, it was reported, is “to improve the productive infrastructure for the attention of national and foreign fishing fleets that operate in the Atlantic”. as stated in a first description of the project. The work, specified there, will require two years of work to generate almost 1.5 linear kilometers of mooring to the 4.4 kilometers currently in operation.

Guzmán and Raverta made the announcement in the middle of a working day with port chambers and unions. It is certainly an attractive advertisement for the town and in particular for the port and fishing sector.

The port of Mar del Plata has more than 20,500 direct workers and generates some 71,750 indirect jobs and with the extension of the mooring line it could have about 9,800 new direct jobs and generate 34,200 more indirect jobs.


In response to the advance of the Minister of Economy, local leaders pointed out that the announcement “consolidates the preponderance of fishing nationwide, since the port of Mar del Plata concentrates more than 50% of the activity every year.” Such a work, they said, will promote “high-quality employment, the development of high-value-added products and the generation of foreign exchange for the national economy, which enhances the role of the national State, which encourages the generation of employment as a policy of economic development ”.

“We always ask for it”

A businessman from the Mar del Plata fishing sector told Infobae that the companies were not even aware of the announcement. Regarding the expansion work, he pointed out, “it was always requested, but for us, not for foreigners.”

Guzmán and Raverta spread their announcement and activities in Mar del Plata on Instagram. “Today we present the expansion of the port of Mar del Plata,” said the minister. And Raverta completed: “We are with the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, guaranteeing the Strategic Investment Fund from the Sustainability Guarantee Fund, to accompany productive projects that generate work because we consider that rebuilding Argentina is generating work. It will leave installed in the city of Mar del Plata the possibility of incorporating more neighbors to work “

A hake factory-plant in the port of Mar del Plata
A hake factory-plant in the port of Mar del Plata

The head of Anses added that “from the Strategic Investment Fund we are going to create productive employment for General Pueyrredon. Today we are talking about a legislative proposal about a reality ”.

The official, a member of the Cámpora and active in Mar del Plata politics, where she already competed electorally, had participated in another announcement related to the port: dredging works that will involve an investment of about $ 200 million, whose call for bids was opened last week pass.

The work will be financed by the Strategic Investment Fund created by Law No. 27,574 to finance investment in “strategic sectors for the National State to promote job creation as an economic development policy,” said from the Economy. This Fund depends on the Sustainability Guarantee Fund (FGS) of the Anses, in charge of Lisandro Cleri, a former official of the Guzman area who now manages the FGS of the Retirement System, which according to the law would contribute up to $ 100,000 million to “Investments Strategic ”. In fact, Cleri accompanied Guzmán and Raverta in the presentation of the project, together with provincial and national authorities and more than 50 entrepreneurs from the sector.

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