Several California cities will raise their minimum wages starting July 1. Find out where they will earn the most.

Several cities in California are preparing to increase their respective wages starting July 1, so they would register higher benchmark wages than the state minimum wage.

Currently, the minimum wage in California is $16 per hour, but more than 30 cities have higher wages. In January, 28 increased their wages, while in July, 10 more will join them.

The following California cities and counties have already confirmed that they will raise their minimum wage as of July 1, 2024:

Alameda: $17 per hour
Berkeley: $18.67
Emeryville: $19.36
Fremont: $17.30
Los Angeles: $17.28
Los Angeles County: $17.17
Milpitas: $17.70
Pasadena: $17.50
San Francisco: $18.67
Santa Monica: $17.27

This city will have the highest minimum wage in California.

After confirming its increase effective July 1, Emeryville will become the highest minimum wage city in California, with a minimum wage of $19.36 per hour.

Emeryville’s minimum wage requirement applies to any employee (part-time, full-time or temporary) working in the City of Emeryville. The increase is calculated based on the Consumer Price Index, which represents a cost-of-living increase set by the State.

Other cities with the highest wages in California

West Hollywood

After holding the status of the city with the highest minimum wage in the state in 2023, West Hollywood will officially have the second-highest minimum wage after it was announced that it will remain the same amount as last year: $19.08 per hour.

Mountain View

Thanks to the January increase, the minimum wage in this city rose from $18.15 to $18.75, making it the third highest hourly city in the state.

Berkeley and San Francisco

With upcoming increases scheduled for July, these two cities will have the fourth highest wage in the state, with an hourly wage of $18.67.

This city raised its wage on January 1 from $17.95 to $18.55 per hour, making it the city with the fifth highest minimum wage in the Golden State.

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