MinCultura confirmed the investment of nearly $ 10,000 million for the cultural and creative sector of Santander

MinCultura confirmed the investment of nearly $ 10,000 million for the cultural and creative sector of Santander

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The Ministry of Culture, the Government of Santander, the Mayor’s Office of Bucaramanga, the Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga, the National Learning Service-SENA and the Regional Commission for Competitiveness and Innovation of Santander, on the afternoon of January 20, they signed the ReactivARTE Commitment that seeks to launch 15 strategic projects for an approximate value of $ 10 billion to strengthen the cultural and creative sector in the region.

“Through the ReactivARTE Commitments, the aim is to join forces among territorial entities, academia, the private sector, artists and cultural managers in the region, to generate new jobs and strengthen the creative and cultural industries,” said the Minister of Culture , Felipe Buitrago.

The head of the culture portfolio also stated that the goal of the National Government is to recover 100,000 jobs to help the reactivation of the sector in the country.

On the other hand, the governor of Santander, Mauricio Aguilar Hurtado, stressed that “We are very pleased to be on this important creative agenda, which is undoubtedly part of the economic reactivation to help our artists and cultural managers.”

As reported by MinCultura, the implementation of these initiatives will bring important impacts for the department. For example, the adaptation and provision of the Clausen Brewery Industrial Museum in Floridablanca, which constitutes a rescue of the cultural heritage of the region.


During your visit to the Santander capital, the Minister of Culture also inaugurated the Orange Development Area ‘Bucaramanga Functional Center’, which has 3.59 hectares. There it seeks to strengthen the cultural and creative industries of the city and the Metropolitan Area. This DNA will integrate museum, tourism and editorial dynamics and will also have equipment and services for citizen service.

According to Juan Carlos Cárdenas Rey, mayor of Bucaramanga, at the event, $ 54 billion will be invested in the San Mateo area, where the Santander Theater is located. “We are going to recover a School of Arts and Crafts in order to generate new opportunities for our cultural sector,” said the president.

The Ministry of Culture reported that, currently in Colombia there are 43 Orange Development Areas in 19 municipalities and 9 departments. “In the same way, 17 ReactivARTE Commitments have been signed that have three components: financing mechanisms, strengthening of fiscal incentives for investment in the cultural sector and institutional coordination,” the ministry said.

The DNAs energize the cultural sector, promote employment through tourism and promote the recovery of cultural heritage, environmental conservation, knowledge transfer, social inclusion and access to artistic offerings.


15 projects of the ReactivARTE Commitment in Santander

The ReactivARTE Commitment, Creative Agenda Bucaramanga, Santander 2021-2023 is made up of the following projects:

In the spaces of the creative agenda, the participation of more than 5,000 children in artistic training processes and the generation of 10 digital platforms that will make the work of local artists visible.

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