Mario Massaccesi and the way to find happiness

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The journalist from Río Cuarto, radio and television host Mario Massaccesi began a journey of transformation and healing some time ago, when he began to study and was received as an ontological coach: “What coaching and personal work did in me was to show my best side,” he said. He was a teacher at the University of Belgrano and is currently responsible for a coaching consultancy. In addition, personal and group workshops for personal transformation. And in 2020 published Drop to be happy (The Athenaeum). Mario performs social service in schools, parishes and prisons. At 33 he began with his own experience of letting go and today at 54 he declares that he found the fullness of his life.

In a new “Leamos Experience” meeting, the cycle that the platform organizes as an exclusive benefit for its subscribers, Massaccesi spoke with Magda Tagtachian of his path of personal and professional transformation

How can you live with pain? Is it possible to remove it from our lives?

–It is possible to remove the pain from our lives, what is not possible is to remove the circumstance that generated that pain, because it is part of our history. Pain is inevitable, what is optional is suffering from that pain. Logically, the death of a child is always an eternal pain, because death always hurts. Now, you have the possibility of continuing to suffer all the time and make life an ordeal, or think “since I had such a terrible circumstance, I can create a space in the future to deserve other things.” Because nobody deserves the death of a child, but we do deserve many things that generate happiness. Relationships, decisions, activities, links. And all that is possible, we cannot attribute it to the death of a child or a loved one.

Mario Massaccesi (Photo: Verónica Guerman / Teleshow)

How to “drop”?

–To “let go” you have to identify if the pain or burden they placed on us was “prepo” (that life had prepared for us), such as a death, a diagnosis, a tragedy, or a burden that they placed on us above because we allow it, by this I mean when we do not know how to say no, nor is it enough, with wanting to conform to everyone for fear that they will get angry … As a third point, we must also be able to identify if it is a burden own, of those wonderful stories that we put together in our heads that ruin our lives in the same way. The “I’m afraid of …”, for example, is it a real threat? Or is it inside your head? Is there such a possibility, or is it something you built from everything that has happened to you in your own history? By being able to identify what burden bothers us, if it is something that touched us, if it is something that they put on us because we allow it, or if it is a burden that we are carrying because we are a bit masochistic, we can have a better perspective of how difficult it can be ” release ”that which we need to release.

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