María Teresa Campos, from star presenter to protagonist of controversies

María Teresa Campos, from star presenter to protagonist of controversies

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The word decline is often used when a person goes from a favorable position to an unfavorable one, or above all, to one in which they would never think they could be. A word too big to talk about María Teresa Campos, a great in the world of communication who has been the protagonist this week due to the controversial interview with her partner Isabel Gemio.To talk about María Teresa Campos is to talk about a veteran journalist who has practically been dedicated to information all her life, having television programs with which she has savored success and being a reference for many people who decide to immerse themselves in the world of journalism to follow in their footsteps.

Now, nothing in the life of María Teresa Campos is the same as it was years ago, but that does not mean that it has gotten worse. The change comes when they take away the program Qué tiempo tan feliz, on Telecinco, where every weekend he brought familiar faces from our country and gave the most entertaining interviews. Since then, the veteran presenter has not had her own television program again and we have not seen her on screen again except for the controversies that she or her daughters have generated.

Slope? no, but poor management of its public exposure. Her image went from being a communication professional to a public figure and since then it has been spoken in terms of her that we could never have imagined. His appearances in ‘las Campos’, his most controversial interviews, his daughters’ discussions on television sets … everything has affected him.

Now, the one who was the queen of the mornings has a YouTube channel where she interviews familiar faces of our country and does what she wants, with that grace that has always characterized her. This week she has been the protagonist after being interviewed by Isabel Gemio and having had a little scuffle with her after not liking the way the journalist asked her questions about her life.

In short, María Teresa Campos has stopped reporting to be the protagonist of the news that now occupies the press of the heart and the truth is that this is not a bad thing, nor is it a professional decline, but it is a brutal change in the life of one of the greats of communication.


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