Marcelo Ebrard: Mexico will release the Cienfuegos file delivered by the US

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Photo: Reuters

The chancellor Marcelo Ebrard made a report of facts from the moment that the former Secretary of National Defense, Salvador Cienfuegos, was arrested in the United States, until yesterday when the Attorney General of Mexico exonerated him for lack of elements against him.

The person in charge of Foreign Relations reiterated that he expressed to the United States his disagreement over the arrest of the general, without the knowledge of the Mexican authorities.

“As you know, we were informed of the arrest of General Cienfuegos. The first thing was to make sure that General Cienfuegos, like any citizen, had due process, it cost work, something unusual, “he said.

“I asked for a call with the US attorney general, I had a meeting with the US Ambassador, a diplomatic note was sent to say ‘we express our disagreement’, given the relevance of the person. I made the reflection then to tell them, well, ‘if Mexico and the United States are allies in the fight against drug trafficking, that cannot be, they are not allies,’ “he explained.

“The answer was that ‘there are very sensitive charges,'” he concluded.

Ebrard reported that the Cienfuegos case file will be released to the public.

“We apologize to the United States for acting like this”, said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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