Los Angeles cops would rather play Pokémon Go than respond to a robbery

Los Angeles cops would rather play Pokémon Go than respond to a robbery

Two Los Angeles police officers chose to play Pokémon Go rather than go to the scene of a robbery.

It’s not always easy to be constantly focused on job. Sometimes, especially during low periods, we relax, the mind wanders and we find ourselves doing something else entirely.

Some may take the opportunity to play a little, chat or whatever, but as long as you know how to prioritize things and get back to work fairly quickly or as soon as the situation calls for it, it’s not really a problem. It certainly happens to you, after all. In some cases, however, the consequences can be quite dramatic.

Two Los Angeles police officers preferred to play Pokémon Go

Two Los Angeles police officers have decided that trying to capture Snorlax and play Pokémon Go is a better use of their time than responding to a robbery call. The facts took place in 2017, an audio recording system in the car captured the conversation of the two officers, ignoring the various attempts of the central to reach them by radio.

than to go to the scene of a theft

This discovery is contrary to what the officers had said, initially telling their supervisor that they had not heard the calls for reinforcements to intervene in the mall in question. However, according to the audio recording, it was revealed that the two officers simply ignored the calls.

One of them even said, “Oh, forget it.” We will even learn later that, rather than going to the scene, the officers backed into an alley and moved away from the shopping center in which the theft took place.

The agents also denied that they were playing Pokémon Go, saying they were just talking about the game, and that they had received text messages from a group of Pokémon Go players, two officers were fired. They attempted to appeal the decision, but according to the latest reports, the California Court of Appeals denied their request.

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