Lizy Tagliani’s boyfriend surprised her live with an engagement ring: “I love you very much and we started our adventure”

Lizy Tagliani’s boyfriend surprised her live with an engagement ring: “I love you very much and we started our adventure”

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Lizy Tagliani got engaged to her boyfriend (Video: “Por el mundo”, Telefé)

A moment full of emotion was experienced on the air in the last broadcast of Around the world, the program that Marley drive alongside Lizy Tagliani in Telefé. Is that the driver’s boyfriend, Leo Alturria, broke into the cycle to surprise her with an engagement ring and a romantic proposal.

“My love, listen to me. I am very happy to be with you. We are at the end of the world -they were in Ushuaia- And I want to tell you that a new stage begins from here. I want to give you this ring to strengthen our commitment. I love you very much and we started our adventure “he said, in love. Very excited, she expressed: “Oh, how cute!”, While kissing him. “They are getting engaged at this moment,” added with joy the father of Mirko.

Minutes later, the former presenter of The right price, thanked his partner for the gesture through Instagram: “Thank you for this beautiful moment, I love you. I like that you understand my humor … that you share my joy and my life. I am very happy”He expressed with an image of the tender moment.

The image that Lizy Tagliani shared of the moment of engagement (Photo: Instagram) 

It should be remembered that Lizy met Leo when he went to participate in her entertainment program. And that it was she who, after exchanging a few words, decided to face him, writing a message on her Instagram account. Thus began the relationship, which once consolidated was officially presented in the living room of Susana gimenez, in October 2019.

“It’s a long story, I saw him first on a couples show from Nico Occhiato and there I liked it. Then I saw him again in One minute to win. And one day I go into the studio of my program, where there were several participants rehearsing, and I see him and I say: ‘That’s the boy on television.’ There I did a complete X-ray. When he showed up to participate in The right price first the cancherito was made. I loved it but I couldn’t say anything, I always show myself upright with all the participants. I asked one of the producers to get me his data and later, when he was in my car, I sent him a message “The former hairdresser recalled on that occasion.

A few days ago, a follower had made a misplaced comment on a photo that she had shared. “You are ugly but I would catch you anyway” wrote a person in a story of Instagram. The actress was quick to reflexes and was not silent: “I’m ugly but I still choose with whom”. But there was no question, since he decided to take a screenshot of the dialogue and posted it on his wall, to expose the rude commentator, albeit anonymously. To complete the idea, he recalled a tip he gave him Paulina Rubio: “Hahaha, be careful with me, so they invite you if you know how I get on, he told me once”, he wrote raving to the Mexican singer. His attitude was celebrated by many of his followers, including some celebrities such as Celeste Cid, Connie Ansaldi and Julieta Nahir Calvo.

Last September, Lizy had said that she made the decision to process her document with her female gender identity, although long ago she had refused to do so: “I spoke with an official – I think he told me that he is the husband of Carolina Papaleo– He told me to do the DNI and it made me want to. But more than a question of gender, a question of adding my mother’s last name: Gallardo. For that and, incidentally, since I am I change it. What gives me confidence is after going to the property registry, to the bank, to the card ”, had pointed out in a note with Catalina Dlugi.

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