The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, warned this Friday of the “health crisis” that the ruling of the Supreme Court will mean, which today has revoked the legal protection of abortion in the US in force. since 1973.

“Millions of women in America will go to bed tonight without access to the health and reproductive care they had this morning,” Harris said in a speech during a visit to the state of Illinois.

The vice president also defended that it is the first time that a constitutional right has been taken away from the country’s citizens.

“What right? The right to privacy. Consider it the right of every person to make intimate decisions about the heart and the home, decisions about whether to start a family, including contraception,” Harris said.

With these words, the US policy was referring to the fear that exists among some activists and politicians in the country that the Supreme Court’s ruling is a precedent that allows rights such as homosexual marriage or access to contraceptives to be revoked.

While Friday’s ruling makes it clear that the decision does not affect areas beyond abortion, Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas issued a separate opinion suggesting that these rights should be reviewed.

The vice president also encouraged people to vote for public positions committed to defending these rights, in reference to the legislative elections in November, since the current composition of the Senate requires Democrats to have the support of at least ten politicians. Republicans to pass any law.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has also criticized the decision of the Supreme Court and has promised that his Government protects the right and protects women who need to travel outside their state to have an abortion.

The ruling of the high court eliminates the federal protection of abortion, so that any state can pass laws that restrict or prohibit access to this right.

A large number of states governed by Republicans already had laws prepared by now, which will take effect between now and the next few weeks.

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