Jose Luis Perales with 76 years wants to say Goodbye to the World of Music

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06/30/2017 JOSÉ LUIS PERALES IN SANTANDER A thousand tickets sold for the José Luis Perales concert in Santander (Photo from ARCHIVE) 06/30/2017 EUROPA SPAIN SOCIEDAD EUROPA PRESS REPORTAJES

MADRID, 13 (CHANCE) He is one of the most versatile artists of our country, singer-songwriter, producer and writer for a few years, with three novels on the market, “La Melodía del Tiempo”, “La Hija del Alfarero” and “Al Other side of the world”. Today is the birthday of José Luis Perales, 75 years old is this Cuenca who has carried his land as a flag throughout his career.

When he was only six years old, he already showed his talent for music in his town, Castejón, where he learned to play the lute and to practice music with an old teacher. But life would take him in other directions and he ended up studying electronics at the University of Seville, where he formed a group with his companions, The Lunic Boys. There he won his first music award and there he realized what his path would be. Once in Madrid, Perales gradually made a living with his passion, writing stories to which he put music. Although at first he did not interpret his songs, he wrote for song greats such as Lola Flores, Rocío Jurado, Mocedades, José Luis Rodríguez, “El Puma” or Isabel Pantoja.

With more than 500 songs, and more than 30 million albums sold around the world, Perales is one of the most covered composers in our country, as well as one of the artists with the most discreet life on the music scene. He has been married for 42 years to Manuela Vargas, whom he met working as a draftsman in a company, in which she was the secretary: “when I started dating, who is now my wife, I was very sure that I would be very happy.” They are the parents of two children, María, who is an interior designer and Pablo, who is a music producer.

At the age of 75 he wants to put the finishing touch to his career and retire in style with a tour that, if current circumstances allow him, will tour Spain and Latin America, with his latest album “Mirándote a los ojos” (Memories, portraits and lost melodies).

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