Johnson launches coalition to tackle climate crisis

Johnson launches coalition to tackle climate crisis

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London, Jan 25 – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will launch a new international coalition to face the impacts of climate change, on the occasion of the Climate Adaptation Summit, organized by the Netherlands, reported this Monday official UK sources.

In a virtual speech, Johnson will launch this coalition, dubbed “Adaptation Action,” developed by the UK in partnership with Egypt, Bangladesh, Malawi, the Netherlands, Saint Lucia and the United Nations.
This new group will work to fulfill the international political commitments made through the United Nations Call for Adaptation and Resilience, in support of vulnerable communities on the ground.

“It is undeniable that climate change is already upon us and is already devastating lives and economies. We must adapt to our changing climate and we must do so now,” says Johnson in his virtual speech, some of whose excerpts have been advanced.
“This time I will make the need for a resilient recovery a priority of the UK G7 presidency. To make sure we get not just warm words, but real change, today I am launching a new Adaptation Action Coalition to put the agenda ahead of COP26 “(the summit on the climate crisis to be held in Glasgow, Scotland) in November.
“Let us work together to adapt, become more resilient and save lives and livelihoods around the world,” he added.
Meanwhile, the designated president of COP26, Alok Sharma, pointed out, in an official note, that “the most vulnerable run the greatest risk from climate change,” for which he considered it necessary to take measures to address this situation before more people lose lives or livelihoods.
“I call on all countries to come up with ambitious adaptation plans,” he added.

The new Coalition will draw on the expertise of scientists, business and civil society, and will act as a forum for developed and developing countries to share knowledge and best practices on local, regional and global solutions to tackle climate change.

Many countries are already experiencing the impacts of climate change, from wildfires in Australia to cyclones in Mozambique.
Without action, many more will experience extreme weather conditions, devastating communities and livelihoods, according to official British sources.
Measures like early warning systems for storms, investment in flood drainage and drought-resistant crops can help weather the climate crisis, they added.
In the UK, which experiences more rain as a result of climate change, the government has committed £ 5.2 billion (€ 5,702 million) to design new flood defense plans.


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