The poll also indicates that about 6% of Republicans would abstain from voting and this could have repercussions on the control of the House and Senate

Data from a poll conducted by WPA Intelligence indicates that, if Donald Trump is convicted of any of the four felony charges against him, he will also end up being defeated by Joe Biden on next year’s ballot.

Apparently, the bad reputation that would arise around the 77-year-old millionaire would boost the reelection of the Democrats in the White House, since in the elections to define the president they would obtain 45% of support of the citizenship against 39% of the Republicans.

Trump’s legal problems arise from a federal indictment for allegedly removing classified documents from the White House that compromised national security.

The former president is also accused of having paid a large sum of money to a porn actress to keep her silent about a relationship they had.

Another crime consists of having attempted to annul the results of the presidential elections held in Georgia in 2020.

As if this were not enough, he is also responsible for having incited a group of people to attack the Capitol in 2021.

Now, in case Trump is acquitted by the courts, the poll continues to place him as a loser in the polls, but by a very tight margin with respect to Biden who would prevail with 43% against 41% leaning towards the Republican, but with 11% of voters still undecided on who to support.

The exercise that measures the opinion of the citizens registered in the electoral roll also shows that, if Trump’s alleged guilt is proven, about 6% of the Republicans would choose not to exercise their vote in the elections, which would doubly favor the Democrats since independent voters would join their cause.

In this regard, Amanda Lovino, director of the WPA, issued a statement emphasizing how disastrous it could be for Republicans to have a convicted felon as a candidate.

“If a jury were to convict him on any of the four pending cases, it could send shockwaves through the Republican Party and the Trump campaign, and a significant faction of Republican voters would indicate that they might abstain from the 2024 election altogether. Not only would this give Biden another four years, but it could also cost Republicans the House and jeopardize gains in the Senate,” the missive notes.

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