Joe Biden will travel to Buffalo on Tuesday to accompany the families of the victims

Joe Biden will travel to Buffalo on Tuesday to accompany the families of the victims

The president of USA, Joe Bidenand the first lady, Jill, will travel tomorrow, Tuesday, to the New York town of Buffalo to mourn the families who lost ten of their loved ones, almost all African-Americans, in a racist massacre.

The presidential couple plans to meet with the families of the victims, as well as with community leaders and members of the security and emergency forces, a senior White House official told reporters.

They will also visit the “Tops” supermarket, where on Saturday an 18-year-old white man killed ten people and injured three others.

In addition, Biden will give a speech in which he plans to refer to the shooting as an act of “terrorism” motivated by a “wicked and hateful” ideology that is tearing the country apart, the official said.

The president will ask Americans not to succumb to hatred and to reject the racist ideas that divide the nation.

Likewise, he will urge Congress to pass laws to tighten gun control, specifically to restrict assault weapons and so that those with criminal records or serious mental illness cannot access guns that could pose a danger to themselves or others.

Saturday’s shooting, carried out by an 18-year-old white man identified as Payton S. Gendron, is being investigated as a racist and terrorist attack, after a manifesto was found in which he allegedly claimed he wanted to kill – “all blacks” and, therefore, had decided to perpetrate the massacre in an area inhabited mostly by citizens of the African-American community.

Of the 13 victims, eleven were black.

Gendron, who had apparently arrived in the city a day earlier, was armed and was equipped with a bulletproof vest and a protective helmet on which he carried a camera attached to which he broadcast his crime live.

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