Jill Biden: first lady of the United States arrives in Ecuador to start her tour of Latin America

Jill Biden: first lady of the United States arrives in Ecuador to start her tour of Latin America

The first lady of the United States, Jill Bidenarrived in Ecuador this Wednesday to start her tour of Latin America, which will also take her to Panama and Costa Rica, a few weeks before the ninth Summit of the Americas is held in Los Angeles.

Biden landed in Quito at 6:31 p.m. local time (11:31 p.m. GMT) and, in the midst of rainy weather, was received by the first lady of Ecuador, María de Lourdes Alcívar, with whom she will share a good part of her stay in Ecuador.

To the wife of the American president, Joe BidenShe was also received in Ecuador by several government authorities such as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Juan Carlos Holguín, according to the statement released by the office of the first lady of the United States.

From the airport, Jill Biden addressed the United States Embassy in Quito to greet the staff of the diplomatic and consular offices in a private act.

As anticipated by the White House, Biden’s tour of Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica will emphasize the importance of collaboration between the United States and these three countries, as well as her commitment to democracy.

The activities of Biden They will meet in Quito on Thursday, when they will first visit the Palacio de Carondelet, seat of the Executive and residence of the president, Guillermo Lassoand then accompany Alcívar to visit a child development center.

There, Biden will learn about the efforts being made in Ecuador to reduce chronic child malnutrition, and later they will return to Carondelet to make official statements to the media.

already in the afternoon, Jill Biden will visit a school that helps teenagers from Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia who had dropped out of school to re-enter the system.

This visit by the American first lady comes a day after the telephone conversation they had on Tuesday Joe Biden and Guillermo Lasso where they discussed the Summit of the Americas, economic cooperation between the two countries, and the covid-19 pandemic.

On Friday, Jill Biden will travel to Panama and meet with her counterpart from the country, Yazmin Colón de Cortizo, in the presidential palace. Both will also visit a school where a program promoted by the Panamanian first lady is being developed that allows schoolchildren to undergo medical eye and hearing tests.

On Saturday, she will visit a shelter where AIDS patients are being cared for with the help of a US-funded program, and then he will travel to Costa Rica.

In San José, the first lady of the United States will visit a residence in which the Department of State collaborates and that helps women entrepreneurs, and later she will meet with the country’s president, Rodrigo Chaves, and his wife, Lady Signe Zeikate.

On Sunday, Biden will visit a children’s hospital in San Jose and give a speech, and on Monday she will visit a community center that promotes improving security in the city and that also receives help from the US State Department.

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