“It was a robbery, an abuse”: López Obrador criticized the high prison cost, $ 3,500 a day for each inmate

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The Mexican president announced the progress of the Sembrando Vida program in Petatlán Guerrero this Saturday, January 16 Photo: (YouTube screenshot)

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador conducted an evaluation of the Sembrando Vida program, from Petatlán, GuerreroOn the morning of this Saturday, January 16, he referred to the fact that it is the Federal Government’s obligation to end corruption in order to allocate those resources to social and development programs.

He noted that a sector that wasted and had exacerbated contracts was the penitentiary.

“Just imagine what we are going to save now that we are going to review the contracts of the prisons that were privatized, eight privatized prisons where there are 12,000 inmates, but you have to pay 16,000 million pesos a year to maintain those prisons.

Each inmate had a cost of 3,500 pesos in private prisons Photo: (File)
Each inmate had a cost of 3,500 pesos in private prisons Photo: (File)

To get an idea of ​​what this outlay means, the vaccine that is being purchased to be applied to all Mexicans universally, free of charge, will mean an investment of 32,000 million, and last year we had to pay for the eight prisons 16,000 millions. For each inmate, for each person in prison, it is equivalent to 3,500 pesos a day. Of course it was a robbery, an abuse. We are going to review those contracts and there we are going to save.

“Poppy and marijuana are no longer in demand”: AMLO

Among the messages from the executive leader, he made an exhortation to grow more fruit and timber trees.

He emphasized that it is a priority to have alternatives to other crops such as marijuana and poppy, which in Guerrero had been a constant for decades and is a state with high rates of drug trafficking.

“As Governor Héctor Astudillo says, why plant marijuana and poppies, if you can plant corn, beans, timber trees, now that you have this support ”.

Photo: (Screenshot Youtube Federal Government)
Photo: (Screenshot Youtube Federal Government)

“Now there is a twist, It is no longer consumed as much, it is not so much demanded of marijuana and poppy, now synthetic drugs are being used, which are among the most harmful there can be. Like the Fentalino, which is brought from Asia ”, he added.

He explained that he is aware that many peasants and farmers saw no other option than to plant this type of drug in order to feed their families, and added that now there are other options so that always to “produce life, food.”

Said I know so far there are already 400,000 farmers, ejidatarios, comuneros, they are cultivating their own plots in the country they are receiving a support of 5,000 pesos per monthIn the case of Guerrero there are about 50,000 hectares and about 20,000 planters.

Photo: (Screenshot Youtube Federal Government)
Photo: (Screenshot Youtube Federal Government)

Guerrero is one of the states with the most malnutrition, for not using the word hunger, that is why we have to continue supporting. First the poorTherefore, if it is necessary to expand the Sowing Life program, we can expand it. Month after month they will be receiving support until 2024 ”, he said.

The president considered that it is a way of inheriting a cultivated plot of coconut, mango, orange, lemon to the children, which they can already harvest before their government ends, in 2024.

This state that deserves our full support for multiple reasons, two examples, first because the history of Mexico could not be known or written without the struggle of the guerrerenses. They were always at the forefront, thanks to them, the Reform movement consummated the revolution. A people with a long history of struggle for that must be addressed and recognized, ”he acknowledged.

Photo: (Screenshot Youtube Federal Government)
Photo: (Screenshot Youtube Federal Government)

In the afternoon López Obrador will go to the municipality of Atoyac de Álvarez where he will inaugurate the Benito Juárez University in that area of ​​the Costa Grande of the southern state.

For Sunday, during his last day of tour, the president will lead the inauguration of the Benito Juárez University, this in the municipality of Juan R. Escudero.


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