Irene Rosales, calm and silent after Ramón Calderón’s lawsuit against Kiko Rivera

Irene Rosales, calm and silent after Ramón Calderón’s lawsuit against Kiko Rivera

MADRID, 15Ramón Calderón has sued Kiko Rivera after he called him a “scoundrel” and accused him of having set up a “plot” with Isabel Pantoja to harm his interests after the distribution of Paquirri’s inheritance, in which the lawyer attended as representative DJ legal, at that time just a three year old. Accusations that, outraged, the former president of Real Madrid denied, threatening the son of the tonadillera with taking legal action if he did not publicly retract his statements.

However, Kiko did not rectify his words about him and, after a month and a half, Calderón has sued the artist for insults and interference with honor. A new legal problem for the Dj, which has not yet been pronounced after the confirmation of the demand by the lawyer, who has also confessed that it hurts him to make this decision because of his friendship with Paquirri, but that he has no other choice. the musician’s refusal to publicly retract his manifestations during “Cantora: the poisoned inheritance”.

Who we have been able to ask about this new setback has been Irene Rosales. Very serious, but quite calm seeing the one that is coming over her husband, the collaborator of “Viva la vida” left her house in Castilleja de la Cuesta without wanting to make statements about Ramón Calderón’s lawsuit, which we do not know if Kiko imagined or expected. Without getting upset, the Sevillian ignores the questions from the press and avoids telling us how the DJ has taken it or if they are worried about this new trial.

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