Quidditch pitch location in Hogwarts Legacy

How to get the Glacius spell in Hogwarts Legacy – Video Games

The Glacius spell at Hogwarts Legacy is one of many you can learn by attending this school. This is a powerful spell that should freeze enemies and objects. Learning this spell comes from completing a task from Mada Kogawa, and you will need to use your broom to get to the places she pointed out. This is what you need to know about how to get Glacius spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Complete Madame Kogawa Task 1 at Hogwarts Legacy

There are two tasks you need to do for Madam Kogawa: pop the balloons above the Hogsmeade station and pop the ones on the Quidditch pitch. You can work on this task after showing Professor Fig the map camera in the main story.

Where to find all the balloons above Hogsmeade station

The balloons at Hogsmeade station will be above the location. You can find it northwest of Hogwarts School, southeast of Hogsmeade Village. Again, you’ll need to use your broom to pop those balloons. You can pick up your broom by opening your items screen and riding your broom. You will need to be outside of Hogwarts to start flying. All you need is for your character to go through the balloons to pop them.

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Where to find all the balls in the Quidditch pitch

Much like the balloons at Hogsmeade Station, your next stop is to visit the Quidditch pitch. You can find him west of Hogwarts. Although it is close to this place, it is considered on the world map, not the school. You can reach this location by flying from Hogsmeade Station, or you can fast travel using the Mooncalf Den fast travel point.

Location of the Quidditch pitch in Hogwarts Legacy

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After completing these two tasks, return to Madame Kogawa. You can find her outside Hogwarts castle and she will teach you the Glacius spell.


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