How to fix Unable to connect to server to verify license error on PS5

How to fix Unable to connect to server to verify license error on PS5

PlayStation owners have received an error message that prevents them from playing downloaded games on their PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. The message reads: “You may not use this content. Unable to connect to the server to verify your license.” This error message appears when there is a problem with the servers trying to verify the license of the game you are trying to play. You will need to verify your game’s license in your PlayStation settings.

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How to restore licenses on PlayStation 5

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When you buy a game on PlayStation Network, you automatically receive the license to play it. Having a license for a game means that you are verified to play that title after purchasing it. The license is a measure that prevents players from playing illegally downloaded games with the PlayStation Network. However, sometimes PlayStation servers do not recognize the license and you have to restore it manually.

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To restore your license on your PlayStation 5, go to Settings in the start menu of your console. Select Users and Accountsthen choose the Other option. From there, select restore licenses then press the Restore option. Try restarting your game after the licenses have been restored to see if your game will work again.

How to restore licenses on PlayStation 4

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It is also possible to see the message “Unable to connect to server to verify license error” on PlayStation 4. Troubleshooting the problem on PS4 is a bit different than on PS5 because PS4 has slightly different menu options . Still have to go to Settings menu on your PS4 homepage, but it doesn’t go to Users and Accounts options. Instead, you go to Account managementwhere he restore licenses option is found. Once you have selected Restore Licenses, choose Restore then try restarting your game.

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If restoring the license does not work, try restart your internet. You must turn off your modem or router and then turn it back on to restart your Internet connection. Most modern routers have a button you can press to turn it on and off, but if it’s an old-school router, you’ll need to unplug it and plug it back in. All you can do is wait for Sony to fix it on their end.


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