Hollywood actors’ union agrees to strike if it fails to reach new deal

The SAG-AFTRA union, which represents actors and presenters in Hollywood film, radio and television, decided on Monday to go on strike if it does not reach a new agreement with the studios by 30 June, according to US media.

The decision was ratified by 98% of the votes, according to the Los Angeles Times, and talks with the studios are expected to begin on Wednesday.

The actors’ demands are similar to those of the Screenwriters Guild (WGA), which this week marks its sixth strike after failing to reach an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) on a new collective bargaining agreement.

The actors, many of whom have shown their support for the screenwriters in their struggle with the major studios, are also calling for an improvement in wages and working conditions, which they feel have not been sufficiently adjusted to inflation and the disruptions of streaming.

In addition, there are concerns about the use of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated images and the management of voice and image rights.

The last time Hollywood actors went on strike was in 2000.

The screenwriters’ strike is already taking its toll on the industry, and production on series such as “Stranger Things”, “Cobra Kai” and “The Last of Us” has had to be halted.

The situation could further complicate the development of new productions in Hollywood.

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