Governor: This is not a good time to come to Hawaii

Hawaii’s governor called on Monday that visitors and residents reduce their visits to the islands for essential transfers only, only as the state struggles to control COVID-19 infections as the fast-contagious delta variant spreads across the island. community.

Governor David Ige wants to cut trips to Hawaii until the end of October.

“This is a delicate time to travel,” he declared.

He said restaurant capacity is restricted and there is limited access to rental cars.

Ige refrained from issuing a mandate, noting that it is a different time from last year, when travel restrictions and quarantine requirements practically held back the state’s tourism industry.

“Last year in March, when we first asked visitors to postpone their trips to the islands, we saw a 60% reduction in traffic to Hawaii,” said Ige. “And then, by ordering the mandatory quarantine of all visitors, trips to the islands were practically reduced by 99.5%, essentially 100% of travelers.”

Things are different at this time due to the availability of vaccines and recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that vaccinated people can travel domestically.

Ige spoke in favor of Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi’s announcement to restrict indoor gatherings to 10 attendees and a maximum of 25 people at outdoor gatherings.

Blangiardi said the measures, which take effect Wednesday, apply to weddings and other events.

He also called on the population to get vaccinated.

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