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The national leader of PAN, Marko Cortés, sued the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador clear out precisely what your remarks refer to regarding the Agency for Drug Control (give, for its acronym in English) invented elements of evidence against Salvador Cienfuegos –former secretary of National Defense in the government of Enrique Peña Nieto-, since “The credibility of a great institution is being put at stake.”

“In this government they no longer know how to get out of a matter in which they first said one thing and then another and the only thing that is not there is clarity “said the politician after delivering Fernando Larrazabal Bretón the majority certificate that accredits him as a candidate for the PAN to the governor of Nuevo León.

In addition, he commented that The United States and Mexico must maintain a healthy binational relationship, of colaboration; However, “is starting on the left foot the relationship with the new president of the United States “, which” is not good for Mexicans, “he said.

“First, because this government as he says one thing, he says others, a government in the style of ‘chimoltrufia’. They said the general would come and an investigation process was to begin, a process that never occurred“, he pointed.

(Photo: Galo Cañas / Cuartoscuro)

(Photo: Galo Cañas / Cuartoscuro) 

And it should be remembered that the arrest of General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, occurred on October 15, 2020 At the hands of the United States government, he generated an earthquake in Mexican politics: he was the highest-ranking official accused of alleged links with the drug trafficking.

The charges against the former head of the Mexican Army were the result of a lengthy investigation by the DEA, which claimed to have a solid and forceful record against the Mexican general.

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However, on January 15, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) resolved not bring criminal action against Cienfuegos

In this way, the FGR determined that the former head of National Defense never had any encounter with the members of the H-2 Cartel and did not maintain communication with them. Nor did it take actions to protect or help members of this criminal group.

(Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters) 

Given this, Andrés Manuel López Obrador supported this exoneration, by ensuring that in Mexico there can be no retaliation, revenge, and that crimes cannot be invented, but also, noted that the DEA fabricated the indictment.

“It is a matter that basically corresponded to the prosecution to resolve, but in one way or another it has to do with the government that I represent, it is a decision that the prosecution makes but that the government that I represent second, that is, endorses, supports, because we maintain that impunity must end, of course corruption, but also that there can be no reprisals, revenge, and that they can invent crimes… That no one should act that way, whoever it is. The most important thing is truth and justice, ”he said.

“The Prosecutor’s Office has acted because it considered that the elements presented by the United States, this case by the Agency, which is known by its acronym as DEA, they have no probative value to prosecute to start a trial against General Cienfuegos, “he said.

The Mexican president assured that although the exoneration of Cienfuegos is a decision that only corresponded to the FGR, his government supports it and questioned why the former secretary was detained right in the middle of the electoral process in the United States.

Given the rain of criticism for the exoneration of the FGR to General Salvador Cienfuegos, the Mexican president reiterated his full confidence in the prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero, of whom he said “is a man of integrity.”


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