Get to know the platforms in Colombia to learn languages ​​for free and virtually

Get to know the platforms in Colombia to learn languages ​​for free and virtually

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Learning a new language is essential for anyone, whether it is to improve their resume, to apply for a scholarship in another country or even to venture out on vacation. However, for many, being able to access intensive courses or exchanges becomes a difficult challenge to pay.

The good news is that everything is possible in the internet world. Through applications with free download in Colombia, you can learn several languages ​​without having to pay an additional fee, or leave the house. It is only necessary to have internet and a smartphone.

This is a list of the applications that you can easily download and that have simple tutorials and exercises, through which you can learn good bases of languages ​​other than Spanish:

A man uses a mobile device.

A man uses a mobile device.

Duolingo: Through it you can learn English, French, Portuguese and Italian. With a time availability of 20 to 40 minutes a day, any of these languages ​​can be practiced quickly and effectively, this through articles, games, videos and learning forums. In addition, the application has reminder options so that the student does not miss the daily lessons.

Fluent U: This tool collects different videos to teach the language you want. You can choose videos of interviews, commercials or whatever is necessary, you can even upload content that you cannot understand and that are on the internet.

Memrise: It is an ideal app to expand vocabulary in English. The advantage is that it has the option to use it without having to connect to the internet.

Ewa: In this application you can learn different languages ​​but through movies and television shows. All the lessons are done through these contents.

Chat: It is aimed especially at those who are beginning to learn English. In this app you can find several lessons with everyday topics and dialogues. The lessons are directed to the recognition of sound, image, spelling and to fill in the blanks.


Wlingua: This tool has about 600 exercises available to learn English, which are distributed in four levels of complexity. Through a series of questions, the app assesses the level of the user and accommodates its tools, so that learning is effective.

Busuu: Through this app you can do writing, writing and listening exercises with other native users of the chosen language. There are 13 languages ​​available for those who download it, the first 150 lessons of each of them are free, then it is necessary to pay the application registration.

Voxy: When downloading this app it is necessary to bear in mind that it is for those who have a higher level of English, as it is used to review the language and practice for international exams such as TOEFL.

Learn English: It is an application created by the British Council that allows those who download it to study English, it has several reading comprehension and vocabulary lessons and it is not necessary to have internet to use it.

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