Germany buys Trump's antibody 'Cocktail'

Germany buys Trump’s antibody ‘Cocktail’

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The German Health Minister, Jens Spahn, announced this Sunday the purchase of 200,000 doses of monoclonal antibodies that were supplied to Donald Trump during his coronavirus infection in October 2020. The ‘antibody cocktails’ will be used in university hospitals starting next Monday, January 25.

The acquisition of the 200,000 units of the drug makes Germany the first country in the European Union to use monoclonal antibodies in the fight against COVID-19. Yes, the purchase of the doses it has cost the German Government about € 400 million, about € 2,000 per dose.

The identity of the manufacturer is unknown

For the moment, The Minister of Health has not given the name of the manufacturer, although he has confirmed that it is the same system used by the former president of the United States, Donald Trump: They work like a passive vaccine. Giving these antibodies in the early stages can help high-risk patients avoid more serious progression. “, Spahn explained in an interview for the newspaper ‘Picture’.

Donald Trump received the antibody therapy developed by the American brand Regeneron, better known as RAIN-COV2. Furthermore, we recall that Trump started using this drug even before it was approved. Now another American company, Eli Lilly, has developed a treatment similar to that of Regeneron.

How does it work

The therapy consists of a combination of two types of antibodies made in a laboratory. These antibodies stick to different parts of the virus, deforming its structure. It has been shown that this type of treatment improves the condition of coronavirus patients.

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