On Thursday 24 March, the president of the United States, Joe Biden , will speak at the extraordinary NATO summit in Brussels . Also in the Alliance headquarters, the White House number one will see the leaders of the G7 . After that, even today, Biden will meet the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, at the Palazzo Europa in the Belgian capital, where he will participate as a guest at the European Council . In all they have three international summits in the space of a few hours, with only one goal: to agree on new measures against Russia to put pressure on the Kremlin number one, Vladimir Putin, and at the same time ” demonstrate unity “, asexplained US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

The “red lines” of NATO

In particular, NATO members should draw a series of ” red lines ” (such as the use of atomic or chemical weapons) which, once crossed, would determine the direct military involvement of the Atlantic Alliance. In all likelihood, it would mean the beginning of the Third World War , a prospect that no one likes: neither the political leaders nor the public opinion. However, setting stakes is considered an indispensable preliminary operation to be credible at the negotiating table. Some believe that a direct military threat from NATO will also work as a deterrent to Moscow, but doubts are not lacking on this point.

US and EU strengthen sanctions against Russia

It is then taken for granted that the US and the EU will announce new sanctions against over 300 members of the Duma (the lower house of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation), while it is being considered whether to divert payments for gas and oil supplies to an ” escrow account ”, Ie a current account under which the release of funds is subject to the occurrence of certain conditions. In this way – it is the project – the flow of energy to Europe would not stop, but the money would remain frozen until the end of the war, preventing Putin from using it to finance it. It is clear, however, that Russia would not stand by and would immediately initiate new retaliations.

The news in the military field

From a military point of view, it is necessary to decide how to support the Ukrainian resistance. On this front, in truth, there do not seem to be many alternatives: the only viable way is to send heavier weapons and, perhaps, logistical support ; in fact, the United States continues to exclude the creation of a no fly zone guaranteed by NATO – requested several times by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskij – because it would be an act of war capable of triggering the Third World War and from which it would be nothing short of difficult to go back.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that among the supplies offered to Kiev there will also be “materials for protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attacks”, while the military presence on the eastern flank will be strengthened. The doubling of the battlegroups in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, as well as Poland and the Baltic countries, will be announced today.

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