Joe Biden

FBI seized Joe Biden’s notebooks that may have referenced classified information

Joe Biden

Among the material seized by the FBI at Joe Biden’s Delaware residence are some notebooks that the president used during his term as vice president; the notes would be related to official business and could be subject to the Presidential Records Act

According to a report, the FBI seized some of Joe Biden’s notebooks found during a search of his Delaware home last week; the notebooks include some of the president’s writings related to his official White House business when he served as Obama-era vice president.

The material includes notes on diplomatic engagements, NBC News reported.
Although the notebooks were not marked as “classified,” some of the notes that were written by Biden could refer to confidential material.

A person familiar with the matter revealed to the aforementioned outlet that Biden had a collection of notebooks with handwritten notes on personal as well as official topics, including his family life and experiences, as well as thoughts under his role as vice president.
Notes related to official business may be subject to the Presidential Records Act and were due to be turned over to the National Archives after Barack Obama’s presidency ended.

“He is not putting anything in boxes,” the informant said regarding whether there is a possibility that Biden would have packed said notebooks to take home.

So far it is known that the FBI found six classified documents during an unprecedented 13-hour search of his Wilmington home.

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