Family of Isis Margarita Caicedo believes that her strange death was not a Suicide

Family of Isis Margarita Caicedo believes that her strange death was not a Suicide

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The cause of death of the young former candidate for the Bogotá Council Isis Margarita Caicedo is still a mystery, despite the fact that investigations continue to determine the reasons for her death. their relatives have not yet ruled out the possibility that it is a homicide since they question the apparent decision to commit suicide.

In recent statements for RCN News, the woman’s father assures that he still does not understand why it is said that his daughter decided to commit suicide and refuses to believe that possibility, since he had a life ahead of him and he wanted to have a great political career.

“At 20 years old, she already spoke five languages, and was a candidate for the Bogotá Council for the Alvaro Caicedo Citizen Option party,” Mr. Caicedo recalled on the news as his daughter aspired to a seat in 2016.

For now, intelligence agencies are investigating why they continued to upload photos and videos of the young woman to social networks days after her death, according to the news report.

Another relative consulted explained that These images were shown to the public five days after his death, since the video of a previous trip was published on January 14., despite the fact that his death occurred on the 9th of the same month.

While awaiting the results of the necropsy delivered by the National Institute of Legal Medicine, an uncle of the young student of International Business Administration at the Universidad del Rosario recognized that the main desire of the family is “Clarify the reason why the young woman died”.

Death of Isis Margarita Caicedo

On January 16, the Bogotá Alert station announced a possible crime committed in the city of Bogotá, after the discovery of a corpse in a high state of decomposition inside a home in the town of Engativá, northwest of the city.

According to reports from the same medium, friends and relatives of the young woman, who apparently was also a member of a biker club in the city of Bogotá, and identified as Isis Margarita Caicedo, 25, decided to look for her in her home located in Engativá and indeed they found her dead and decomposing.

In the first evaluations, it was determined that the body did not show signs of violence and that the partner with whom she lived was not present on the days that the events occurred.

Despite the fact that evidence and probative material were collected at the site that would help to establish the causes of death, the results of said investigations have not yet been delivered and that is why the family demands that all the respective analyzes be carried out. to clarify the event.

Her relatives defined her as a kind, hardworking woman who liked to ride motorcycles. “She was an attentive woman with her family and friends, we will always remember her for that human quality she had. We are still in shock by this news, may God have it in his holy glory “recalled a friend after learning what happened.

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