Elon Musk's Predictions For 2022

Elon Musk’s Predictions For 2022

Elon Musk is not only one of the richest people on the planet, but he is also one of the media figures today. After moments that shocked the world, such as his appearance on a radio smoking marijuana, an act that caused Tesla shares to fall by 3%; or his theory that the working day should be extended to 100 hours a week, as opposed to the 40 hours set in the conventions of almost all Western countries.

This time, Elon Musk has added to the list of predictions for the future that he often shows regularly: drugs and humanoids are two of the most prominent topics.

The CEO of Tesla, and co-founder of Paypal, among others, gave an interview at the 2021 CODE Conference, where he spoke for over an hour in which he left numerous appointments that are important in one of the most influential personalities in today’s society.

Musk spoke face-to-face with interviewer Kara Swisher from several of the most relevant issues today. What attracted the most attention were Elon Musk’s five futuristic predictions.

Serious power supply problems

In Musk’s appreciation, the current energy flow system is insufficient and will be obsolete for the anticipated demand in a few years. In fact, the businessman affirms that in the medium term, consumption will amount to more than double that currently registered.

Musk declares that you don’t have to be a seer to recognize that There is an energy problem, and that alternatives such as nuclear energy would largely alleviate this global problem.

Starlink’s spin hit

Elon Musk ensures that its satellite network will mean a world revolution, and that it will change the perception of the world of communications that we have now.

The nationalized American businessman assures that: “This support is designed to assist people ‘less assisted’, that is, all those who live in rural and remote populations that today suffer from connection problems”.

Until the investment pays off, the cost of using Starlink is prohibitive and elitist, although the cost of using this network is expected to be reasonable in the future for people who need it. The necessary equipment alone costs $ 500, and requires a monthly payment of another $99.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay

Despite the opposition of governments in the free flow of cryptocurrencies, total control of these currencies seems impossible. States could only slow down and hinder the advancement of this new form of emerging economy, a mistake that Musk believes makes it impossible to correct the current system problems with respect to banking systems.

Musk thinks that the hegemony of a new currency that is supervised and controlled by a networked system, it is much more reliable and secure than the current chain system, which, according to him, relies on “a few oligarchs who control the ‘databases of money’ to alter the economy at will.”

Hard drug legalization

Elon Musk, declared consumer of LSD, like many of the icons of the last decades, he affirmed that the popular view of psychotropic drugs is changing and that many of the laws are outdated, which will produce an acceptance of this type of substances in the future.

This process is perhaps a bit premature, since there is the barrier of cannabis and opiates before making the leap to so-called ‘designer drugs’.

Humanoids will be part of our lives

The visible head of Tesla and SpaceX believes that we are on the eve of the arrival of humanoids robotics to the world:

“They will be biped and anthropomorphic, but much more intelligent and cohesive with each other.”

He also explained that he has prevented the development of humanoid projects not to collaborate in a future similar to what we could see in the saga Terminator, although he believes that now that future is already inevitable.

He ensures that Tesla is already making the first humanoid, that comes later than the bill because he feels he is a participant in an apocalypse produced by a confrontation between humans and these new forms of artificial intelligence. The businessman assures that he will try to do his best to avoid such a tragic end.

Optimism in the more pessimistic future

Despite this pessimistic and inflammatory vision of the future, Elon Musk assures that the human race will prevail before this series of setbacks, and will keep alive the only form of conscious intelligence that we know until today.

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