Donald Trump sues CNN for defamation and demands 5 million

Donald Trump sues CNN for defamation and demands $475 million

  • The former US president filed a lawsuit in a federal court in Florida against the CNN network for slander and defamation; he asks for $475 million dollars in damages

Former President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against the CNN network, claiming compensation of $475 million dollars, accusing them of slander and defamation with the aim of tarnishing his participation in the 2024 presidential elections.

In the complaint filed before a court in Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Trump points out that; CNN being one of the main television networks in the United States, he “tried to use his enormous influence as a ‘reliable’ source of information to smear the whistleblower before his viewers and readers with the purpose of defeating him politically.”

Throughout his mandate, the former president had a very bad relationship with other media, which he baptized as creators of fake news.

Trump claims that CNN has carried out a “smear and smear campaign” against him. He claims that the channel has used adjectives to refer to him as “Russian lackey”, “insurrectionist” or “racist”.

Additionally, Trump also asserts that CNN has used “The Big Lie” to refer to him on more than 7,700 occasions since January 2021, in addition to doing so, according to the document, “with Nazi overtones.”

So far, CNN has not commented on Trump’s lawsuit.

In addition to going against CNN, the former president threatens to sue other media outlets that are also trying to sabotage him. He reported that he will take “appropriate action” against the House of Representatives committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill by his supporters.

This fact reminds us of the previous lawsuit in which he accused his rival in the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton, and dozens of other people of conspiring against him with alleged false accusations about Russia, which was dismissed by a Florida judge. last month.

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