Donald Trump again pressed to change the 2020 electoral result

Donald Trump again pressed to change the 2020 electoral result

The former president of the United States Donald Trump (2017 – 2021) pressured a Republican leader from the state of Wisconsin last week to change the 2020 electoral result, that is, almost two years after the elections.

As explained this Wednesday to a local television channel, the president of the Wisconsin State Assembly, the conservative Robin Vos, Trump He called him last week to pressure him to reverse the certification of the 2020 result in that state, in which the current president, Joe Biden, won.

On July 8, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that most of the drop boxes the state uses for voting by mail are illegal, although the ruling applies only to future elections, not past ones such as the US presidential election. 2020.

Nevertheless, Trump interpreted that this decision gave him the reason in his interpretation that the certified result of the elections in Wisconsin was illegitimate and that he, instead of Biden, should have been proclaimed the winner in that state.

The former president maintains that in the 2020 elections fraud was committed in several of the states in which he did not win, including Wisconsin and Georgia, a version that illegitimates Biden’s victory and that led to the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

This Thursday, the legislative committee investigating what happened that day will focus on what happened in the White House that day, in an attempt to show that Trump He did nothing to stop the protest.

This new session of the committee, which will be broadcast during prime time, will be the eighth and in principle the last in this series of public hearings, which began a month ago.

That January 6, some 10,000 people – most of them Trump supporters – marched towards the Capitol and some 800 broke into the building. There were five dead and about 140 wounded agents.

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