Washington, Aug 16 (Globe Live Media).– The first Summit of Cities of the Americas will be held in Denver (Colorado, USA) in April 2023 and will bring together mayors from all over the continent, the State Department of the Americas announced on Tuesday. USA

The call for this conclave is a commitment made at the IX Summit of the Americas last June in the US city of Los Angeles, and will serve to monitor the implementation of the agreements made at that time.

“The inaugural Cities Summit announced today will bring together hundreds of mayors from across the United States and across the continent, as well as thousands of private sector representatives, in Denver,” the State Department said in a statement.

The goal is to “empower” politicians and businesses to address challenges in the areas of sustainable development, the climate crisis, democracy, foreign investment, women’s equality and public security.

The Summit of Cities of the Americas will feature a plenary session of mayors to weave collaboration networks and a commercial exhibition to showcase companies from the region.

The State Department also announced the launch of the Cities Forward initiative, which will help the continent’s municipalities achieve their sustainability goals through alliances with the private sector, financial institutions, the academic sector, and NGOs.

At the IX Summit of the Americas, some twenty countries signed a declaration promoted by the United States in which they committed to combating irregular migration and promoting legal channels for safe and orderly migration.

The conclave was marked by the boycott of Mexico, Bolivia and Honduras due to the decision of the United States, the host country, not to invite the presidents of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

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