David Hasselhoff turns 70: the rise from the ashes of the idol of the 80

David Hasselhoff turns 70: the rise from the ashes of the idol of the 80

David Hasselhoff turns 70 today. The mythical actor of ‘Fantastic Ride’ or ‘Baywatch’ reaches old age harvesting an endless list of professional successes and some other personal controversy.

In the 80s, he became the star of the child and adolescent public and the trail lasted almost 20 years. Like many Hollywood stars, he has led a life of excess but, unlike others, he managed to overcome, such as his addiction to alcohol.

David Hasselhoff had his golden moment before the turn of the millennium arrived. Over time, the actor began to not have as much work. He was no longer the Estrella that he had been and was given to excesses, something that made him lose his first marriage.

He gave up alcohol when a video of him drunk in terrible conditions was leaked in 2007. His daughter was the one who recorded it and, although she did it just for him to see as a way of teaching, it ended up being leaked to the press and went around the world.

The image of him was very stained when everyone saw the actor eating a hamburger on the floor, drunk, babbling. At that moment he hit rock bottom.

The actor was able to get out of that life of excesses and put his life back on track. In 2011 he met his current wife, Hayley Roberts, a Welsh woman 27 years his junior.

They met because she approached him to ask for an autograph and there they suffered a crush of love. After asking her for marriage more than 5 times, Roberts agreed and they went through the altar in 2018.

David Hasselhoff has not stopped working and has currently directed a series, ‘Ze Network’. The actor went down to hell to be able to rise from his ashes and get back to the top.

At 70 years old, he can boast of having been one of the most famous stars in the world and an idol of the masses for years and, despite having had some dark years, he knew how to redirect his life and get out of the well of addictions where he was inside to be himself again.

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