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Chinese media criticizes Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19, promotes local doses

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BEIJING, Jan 20- Chinese state media published a series of articles criticizing Western COVID-19 vaccines last week, including that from Pfizer, while promoting vaccines made in China as safer and more accessible.

The reports came at a time when Chinese vaccines, which are being inoculated in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey, have faced criticism in the West for insufficient data disclosure.

The Global Times, a tabloid published by the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the ruling Communist Party of China, has published more than ten reports in the past week criticizing vaccines and inoculation plans in the West.


About half have referred to the reported deaths of some very weak patients in Norway after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and its partner BioNTech.


In an editorial on January 15, The Global Times accused the mainstream US and British media of “deliberately minimizing the deaths” and “using the power of propaganda to promote the Pfizer vaccine and to smear Chinese vaccines.”

“Those big Western media will immediately promote any unfavorable information about Chinese vaccines and try to amplify its impact on public psychology,” he added.


Other information on Tuesday cited Chinese experts as saying Australia should consider stopping regulatory procedures for Pfizer’s vaccine until the death investigation is complete. He also said Australia should buy vaccines developed in China, “which are relatively safer due to their mature technology.”

The Global Times also argued that Chinese vaccines are cheaper and easier to transport, and described Pfizer as an unreliable supplier, sacrificing the needs of other countries to prioritize supplying to the United States.

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