Carolina Cruz reveals how many surgeries she has performed

Carolina Cruz reveals how many surgeries she has performed

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The presenter Carolina Cruz managed to attract attention, again, among her millions of followers on Instagram by joining the popular question and answer dynamic, which has already become repetitive among celebrities during the pandemic.

By joining the trend, one of the questions that the famous answered had to do with how many cosmetic surgeries she has had. “How many surgeries do you have? More than 5? “wrote one user, to which Cruz responded bluntly.

“In the ‘puchecas’ I already have five. When I put it on, when I took off, when one was encapsulated, when I had the reduction and I already left the prostheses that I have today ”, Cruz said, leaving more than one surprised with the number, although he did not clarify if other interventions had been carried out in any other part of the body.

In the dynamic, one of her fans asked her if it was true that she did not like her son hanging out with people of color. Cruz immediately made it clear that this is a lie.

“My God, what is this question? It is false of all falsehood. My son can get together with the person he wants, who makes him happy and fills him with wonderful moments. It is very false ”, she said quite surprised.

Likewise, without filters and with a big smile, the businesswoman made it clear that she does have a crooked mouth, but it is from birth and not due to cosmetic surgery.

“This question amused me because it is true and false. True, I have a crooked mouth. False, it is not due to surgery it is a factory defect. So I was born”, clarified.

On the other hand, the former beauty queen published a video that melted her followers with tenderness, where she showed her huge belly, the second fruit of her long-standing relationship with the actor Lincoln Palomeque.

Through her stories, the model shared a moving recording in which you can see how her little one moves in her approximately seven months of pregnancy.

But that’s not all, the model and businesswoman also made a publication of the last ultrasound that was carried out, where Salvador looks very healthy and big.

Carolina cruz public ultrasound of her baby on the way

“Week 31 entering the 32, almost 18 kilos more although I do not notice much hahahaha I do feel like a worm, happy and grateful. Today Salvador also showed himself in all his splendor, he is very long and big, big, fat, healthy, perfect of weight and of Health. My cervix opened a little and at this point I have to take better care of myself, nothing to worry about, we are with GOD and that reassures me a lot. (…) I know that many women are experiencing the same changes and I love sharing my story because by reading them, I understand that we are a miracle because of the wonderful GIFT of GIVING LIFE. Applause for the warrior moms who have gone through everything to achieve this dream of being a Mom ”, wrote in the publication that has more than 800 thousand reproductions and almost 3,000 comments.


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