Carmen Barbieri showed how her hospitalization for coronavirus transits: “At least I see the sunrise and sunset”

Carmen Barbieri showed how her hospitalization for coronavirus transits: “At least I see the sunrise and sunset”

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On January 20 it was learned that Carmen Barbieri had contracted coronavirus and had been admitted to the Zabala Clinic as a result of pneumonia that worsened her condition. The capocómica would have been infected after having shared a production meeting for the second edition of Masterchef Celebrity, where he had had close contact with Sol PérezAfter that encounter, a positive swab was made.

“She would have a beginning of pneumonia, she is connected to the telephone, answering some messages, but the truth is that she has positive COVID and is hospitalized”, said Dani Ambrosino in Intruders, by America. In this sense, a source very close to Barbieri confirmed that he was without a respirator. “We were able to speak with Fede Bal, who is obviously very worried about his mother, very anguished, he has not been able to see her, because it is a very lonely disease”, then expressed Adrian Pallares.

As a result of this situation, the son of the capocómica turned to his Twitter account to refer to his mother’s state of health: “I am worried about her, although she is evolving favorably”. And he admitted: “It really is very sad not being able to be by his side”.

Faith Bal y Carmen Barbieri 

Regarding Barbieri’s situation, the son of Santiago Bal He then mentioned a controversy that had him as a protagonist three weeks ago, when his attendance at a New Year’s party earned him public reproaches from Cinthia Fernandez, former partner of hers in the work Smart lies (the actress ended up resigning), due to exposure to contagion. In addition, he made reference to the invitation he extended to the Polish for a barbecue at home also placed him in the center of the scene, and not only because of the musician’s courtship with Barby Silenzi. “Now they are going to start telling me: ‘You, that you had parties, that you don’t take care of yourself’ Fede lamented, almost as a release, to immediately rehearse a paradox. (But) My old woman ended up getting infected, who does not stop taking care of herself, to work, and to do everything well ”. And he concluded with a plea for his more than two million followers on Twitter: “Take care.”

The truth is that this Sunday, five days after being admitted to the Belgrano hospital, exclusively for The Run Run of the Show, cycle Chronicle HD, Carmen recorded a video from the place where she is hospitalized. “You see, that’s Cabildo. I’m here at the Zabala Clinic. There is a school next door, so there is a huge tree. At least I see the sunrise and sunset “, she is heard saying with the vocal cords affected by the coronavirus and showing the view she has from her window.

It should be remembered that last Thursday, Flavio mendoza he had downplayed the actress’s state of health. “I spoke with Carmen, okay … you saw that she is a hypochondriac, any little thing thinks she has everything“, Said in statements to Multivision News. In the same vein, the choreographer continued talking about how the pandemic affected the operation of the theatrical season. “It is a bit what we had planned, we have to have replacements and endure this situation,” he analyzed. And he emphasized in relation to the pandemic: “Whatever happens to you, you have COVID. Tomorrow you are going to get poisoned from eating bad fish, and you are going to have COVID. Everybody died of COVID, nobody died of something else! Enough of that bullshit “.


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