After President Biden’s performance in the presidential debate, there are calls for Vice President Kamala Harris to replace him on the ticket.

President Joe Biden’s performance in the first debate against likely Republican nominee Donald Trump was roundly criticized. The encounter called into question Biden’s mental fitness to serve as president and affected his approval rating, which has fallen to a new low.

Although the president has since tried to explain the reason for his poor performance, the event has prompted calls from some Democrats for the current president to drop out of the race and make way for another candidate.

Among the names being bandied about to replace him is Vice President Kamala Harris. With four months to go before the presidential election, the question is whether she can muster enough momentum before that time comes to defeat Trump.

Could Kamala Harris beat Donald Trump? The vice president is the top choice to replace Biden

A CNN poll shows that voters believe Democrats will have a better chance of winning in November if Biden drops out of the race and lets another candidate take his place.

Polls this year have consistently shown Trump leading Biden, with the Republican ahead by six points, 49% to 43%. However, the latest poll indicates that independent voters have become more skeptical of both candidates. Among all possible alternatives to Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris ranks first in the poll.

In a hypothetical race, 47% would vote for Trump, while 45% would choose Harris. With only a two-point spread, there would be no definitive winner, given the poll’s margin of error.

How other potential Democratic candidates fared

The other potential replacements did not score as highly as the vice president, but their numbers were similar to Biden’s. In the poll that included speculative pairings, California Governor Gavin Newsom got 43% to Trump’s 48%, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg got 43% to Trump’s 47%, while Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer got 42% to Trump’s 47%.

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