Brees believes that clash with Brady was predestined

Brees believes that clash with Brady was predestined

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NEW ORLEANS (AP) – Drew Brees regularly talks about destiny when it comes to his long and extraordinary career in the NFL.

The Saints quarterback says for example that it was his destiny to suffer a shoulder injury that put his career at risk at the end of the 2005 season. So was his departure from the Chargers, to move to New Orleans, where he has crushed almost all the records of a quarterback and conquered a Super Bowl, helping to recover the spirits of a city that suffered the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

So when Tom Brady decided to leave New England and start a new chapter in Tampa Bay, Brees guessed he would face the six-time Super Bowl-winning star in January.


It will be a second-round playoff game between two teams from the South Division of the National Conference. And in an unusual way, two quarterbacks who will surely go to the Hall of Fame and who are more than 41 years old will face each other.


The Saints (13-4) meet the Buccaneers (12-5) on Sunday.

“Listen, when Tom Brady signed with the Bucs and I knew he was coming to our division, I got a glimpse of this game,” Brees said this week. “I had a vision that this game would come, because I knew that our aspirations as a team were to be in the playoffs and beyond. And of course I knew what he would bring to the Bucs, with that talented squad.


Similarly, Brady figured his success in Tampa Bay would hinge on his results against the Saints.

“They’ve been one of the best teams in the league for a long time, and they’ve suffered tough losses in the playoffs, with really serendipitous plays,” Brady said.


He was referring to the last-second loss to Minnesota three seasons ago, with a long pass, and a serious umpiring failure that opened the door for the Rams to eliminate New Orleans in the NFC final two seasons ago.

“Except for that, there has been nothing wrong with the Saints,” Brady stressed. “They have been spectacular.”


Brees and Brady have been exactly spectacular in the last couple of decades. It is not surprising that there is so much anticipation for the game.

“We sent each other some text messages on Monday. We were kidding about this whole scenario, ”said Brees, who turned 42 on Friday.


Brady is 43 years old.

“Between the two of us we have 85 years and a lot of experience in (American) football, which will be on the field on Sunday,” Brees added.


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