Sensitive souls refrain. Bitten by a spider, an American named Sharon Brown has been living with a bloody arm for six years now. She told her story.

Her daily life has become hell. Since being bitten by a spider while preparing fruit skewers in her garden in 2016, an American named Sharon Brown has lived with a bloody arm. Her story was relayed by the Sun.

On the day of the incident, she noticed a small hole on her right hand that looked like a midge bite. If she didn’t immediately pay attention to it, she finally visited her GP after feeling strange symptoms like palpitations.

Antibiotics, antihistamines and steroids were then prescribed. The area was also bandaged. Only here it is: nothing happened as planned. When she had her dressings changed, panic took over. The wound had grown bigger instead of shrinking.

Over time, her condition worsened and the bite turned into a gaping wound that covered her entire forearm. Deep tissues and tendons were exposed to the air. Completely lost in the face of this infection, the doctors were unable to cure it. She was therefore forced to spend a week in the hospital on an intravenous drip.

Her blood was gushing so hard that it “touched the ceiling”

Six years later, she is still living an ordeal. Without work, she is unable to use her right hand properly due to tendon damage. She is unable to drive, perform daily tasks and must be assisted by a caregiver to take a shower.

She also explained that she had witnessed “horrible” scenes, especially when changing her dressings. Her blood was gushing so hard that it “touched the ceiling”.

In total, Sharon Brown underwent three debridement operations to remove dead and infected tissue. She also underwent two skin grafts, countless blood transfusions and spent an inordinate amount of time taking antibiotics.

I was told several times that I risk losing my arm if the infection goes to the bone because it is very difficult to go back after that”, she recalled while expressing her exasperation. “I’m really sick of being like this, I can’t do anything for myself. It affects mental health enormously.”

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