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“Biggest doodle of all time”, Google celebrates the Olympics with a charming game

Google lets you play a lovingly designed collection of pixelated mini-games

If you turn on the Google search engine now, you will come across a new Doodle. These cover pictures often reflect significant (historical) world events in the form of a redesigned Google lettering. This time users called it the “Largest interactive doodle ever” after google explained it on Twitter.

To mark the start of the Tokyo Olympics, a Google team developed a Collection of mini games that appear in the guise of a classic Japanese role-playing game.

So if you grew up with Zelda, the old Final Fantasys or Chrono Trigger, you might like the doodle game – even if, strictly speaking, it is not a real role-playing game.

Mini-games in the spirit of competition

In the game called “Island of Champions”, you play a number of mini-games as the cat Lucky, including table tennis, skateboarding, rugby and marathon. Your goal is to survive a total of seven competitions by defeating powerful legendary opponents.

The table tennis game is reminiscent of pong and demands reflexes.

But what are you doing this for? At the beginning you choose one of five colorful teams for which you will compete from now on. Your points are counted on a global account. So every user competes for a team to help their own colors win the ranking.

In addition to the mini-games, there is even more to experience in the detailed game world. Side tasks and small dialogues with the residents also await on the island of champions.

Great expense

The colorful mini-game was created in collaboration with the Japanese production company ‘Studio 4°C’, which contributed cutscenes and character models.

There is an amazing amount of work behind the Isle of Champions for a doodle. In a short documentary, Google shows the development process of the game and lets the developers have their say.

If you want to get in the mood for the Olympics and want to remember a little of the past (and revived by Octopath Traveler and Co.) days of classic role-playing games, you can enjoy the mini game for a while.

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