US President Joe Biden will visit a Polish city near the Ukrainian border on Friday, the White House said, to show the West’s resolve in the face of the Russian invasion.

Biden will be received by Polish President Andrzej Duda in Rzeszow, about 80 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, during an emergency trip to Europe, motivated by the war in Ukraine, the White House detailed.

Details of the US president’s plans during his stay in Poland, on the second leg of his tour after a NATO summit and other meetings in Brussels, have not been disclosed so far.

Ukrainians flee

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also passed through the city on March 5 while visiting Poland to show NATO’s support for Eastern countries that were once under Soviet influence and are now concerned about what will happen next. Moscow’s next move after beginning the invasion of Ukraine.

The White House said Friday Biden will also receive a briefing on how Poland is responding to the influx of millions of Ukrainians fleeing Russian bombing.

He will also meet in Rzeszow with members of the US 82nd Airborne Division, positioned on NATO’s eastern flank.

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