Biden warns that the risk of Russia invading Ukraine in “a few days” is “very high”

Biden warns that the risk of Russia invading Ukraine in “a few days” is “very high”

The president of U.S, Joe Biden said Thursday that the risk of a Russian invasion of Ukraine it is “very high” and could take place in “days”, despite the fact that Moscow claimed that it was withdrawing troops from the border of its western neighbor.

The threat is “very high, because they have not taken out any of their troops. They have moved more troops.” He said Biden to reporters at the White House.

“We have reason to believe that they are doing a pretext operation to have an excuse to get in.”

“All the indications we have is that are prepared to enter Ukraine, attack Ukraine”he claimed. “My perception is that it will happen in the next few days.”

Biden said that he had not yet read a new written response from the Russian president, Vladimir Putin to the proposals of U.S for a diplomatic way out of the crisis.

Russian military forces have surrounded much of the borders of Ukraine as part of an attempt to overthrow the country’s pro-Western policies, including the long-term goal of joining the OTAN.

Biden He said there is still “a diplomatic track” and that Secretary of State Antony Blinken will “set out what that track is” in a speech Thursday at the United Nations.

However, Biden said: “I have no plans to call Putin.”

Washington has clearly increased the level of alert for a few hours and ensures that Russia, far from having withdrawn troops from the Ukrainian border as promised, has continued to strengthen its device.

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