Biden vows to

Biden vows to “further strengthen” US-Israel ties

Joe Biden promised on Wednesday upon arriving in Israel that the United States and the Jewish state would “further strengthen” their ties, and mentioned in particular a partnership “in the most sophisticated defense systems in the world”.

The American president, who will later travel to Saudi Arabia, he also said that he will “advance the integration of Israel in the region,” a reference to the process of rapprochement between Israel and some Arab countries.

He recalled that this is his tenth visit to Israel, but his first as president, calling his trip to the country a “blessing”.

Reiterating Americans’ “unwavering” commitment to “Israel’s security,” Biden said he was about to receive briefings on Israel’s missile defense capabilities, including the Washington-backed “Iron Dome” system and a new anti-drone laser response device called “Iron Beam”.

Regarding the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, President Biden stated that, according to him, “Two State Solution was still the best,” but admitted that this prospect, however, remained distant.

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