Biden signed the budget for fiscal year 2023

Biden signed the budget for fiscal year 2023 that includes financial aid to Ukraine

The funds contemplate some 858,000 million dollars for Defense and another 800,000 million for other items, an increase of the latter of 9.3% compared to the previous year

US President Joe Biden signed a $1.7 million public spending bill into law on Thursday that includes an additional aid package for Ukraine.

The president, who has assured that this measure puts an end to a “year of historic progress”, said that he expects more progress in 2023, according to what he indicated in a message on the social network Twitter.

“They contain investments in medical research, security, health for veterans, recovery from natural disasters, funds for violence against women and crucial aid for Ukraine,” the president listed.

The White House stressed that this bill “promotes key priorities” for the country, considering that it is “good” for the economy, competitiveness and communities of the region.

The budgets, which were approved by Congress last Friday and go for fiscal year 2023, which runs from October 1, 2022 to September 30, include $45 billion in aid for Ukraine.

Last Wednesday, the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky, visited Washington to meet with Biden and defended that day in Congress that the money for his country is not charity: “It is an investment in global security and democracy.”

Lawmakers voted on the bill, less than two weeks before Republicans take control of the House after Democrats lost it in the November midterms.

The budgets, which will come into force as of this Thursday with Biden’s signature, contemplate some 858,000 million dollars for Defense and another 800,000 million for other items, the latter an increase of 9.3% compared to the previous year.

They also cover $40.6 billion to address droughts, hurricanes, floods, fires, and other natural disasters and emergencies in the United States.

The bill reached the House of Representatives after two amendments on the management of the border with Mexico were blocked and rejected in the Senate.

Conservative Republicans in the House of Representatives showed their discontent with the passage of the budget by criticizing the overall cost of the bill, which, according to them, is plagued by wasteful spending that has fueled inflation in the United States.

McCarthy, the House minority leader, called the bill “monstrosity” and “one of the most shameful acts” he has seen in Congress.

The regulations do include a reform to provide greater guarantees to the electoral count, by clarifying that the vice president does not have the power to revoke the results of the presidential elections.

The budgets were approved with 225 votes in favor and 201 against in the Lower House and 68 in favor and 29 against in the Senate.

“This bill is further proof that Republicans and Democrats can come together to deliver for the American people, and I look forward to continued bipartisan progress in the coming year,” Biden declared after Congress passed it.

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