The deadly Switchblade 600, the new weapon that the US could give to the Ukrainians

A billion dollars in armaments: this is what Joe Biden has promised to provide to Ukraine to defend itself from the aggression of Russia. There will surely be the anti-tank and anti-aircraft rockets that are already having success, the Javelins and the Stingers. But a new weapon could be provided: it is the Switchblade 600, also called kamikaze drones. They are remote controlled mini drones capable of destroying a tank.

The Switchblades are produced by the American AeroVironment and in the largest version has a weight of about Kg. It is therefore easily transportable and in 10 minutes it is able to be configured. Designed to fly to fly at a speed of 40 km / h for about 20 minutes and then remain on the attack site another 20. Its range is about 80 km and when it has identified the target it falls and it it hits at a speed of about 115 km / h. For this he manages to slip like a knife blade into his target where he then detonates the warhead he carries with him.

Its control is managed through a tablet but it can also act autonomously, thus giving its pilot the possibility to escape before the attack is carried out. The control through the GPS takes place on an encrypted and undisturbed line.

The low price, around 6 thousand dollars per drone, therefore transforms it into a deadly device that in the hands of the Ukrainian resistance could inflict heavy losses on Putin’s army.

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